Lusid Leave-In Conditioner & our Lusid Recycling Program

Lusid Leave-In Conditioner & our Lusid Recycling Program

It is a challenging climate in NZ to run a small business. According to MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) it is said that 96% of NZ start-ups fail in the first two years. Tash and I are working extremely hard to be in that other 4%. 

Running a small business has been an interesting journey with much personal growth and the realisation that you don't know, what you don't know, is somewhat larger than you had anticipated. Covid has and continues to be an ongoing battle affecting our supply chain. It has presented us with challenges with ingredients and packaging delays from shipping backlogs and lockdown has now further delayed production with suppliers running at reduced capacity.

Even though Tash is on maternity leave she has managed to spin some magic between juggling life with a new baby. This month we introduce to you our very first Lusid Leave-In Conditioner. We have had customers asking for this for quite some time. Tash - the absolute hair genius that she is; has created a formula which is not only oil free but palm free too. The great thing about this Leave-In Conditioner is that it is great for detangling. Just work a small about of product from the hair ends and slowly work your way up the mid lengths down, finger combing section by section to detangle without hair breakage. Great for kids too!

This 250ml Leave-In Conditioner comes in an aluminum bottle with an aluminum cap. After much deliberation we are selling our first product that has a plastic pump. We sought out for plastic free solutions but when it comes to a pump we discovered that there just isn't any alternative. To combat this we have created a Lusid recycling program. Reuse your plastic pump and you can now send us back the aluminum bottles for us to recycle. If you are a New Zealand Lusid customer; you can now purchase a return courier bag from us and we will recycle any Lusid aluminum or glass tins or bottles.

Our new Lusid Leave-In Conditioner is only available in our Crowd Funder Giftpacks. We are continuing our crowd funding efforts to help us to make our full bar range available. We currently have the curly hair spectrum available for purchase but with your help we hope to have the wavy and straight bars available as soon as possible.

Each Lusid Gift-pack contains the following goodies:

*NEW Lusid Oil Free Leave-In Conditioner 250ml (Pump included)

*Lusid Foaming Mousse (Volumising or Curl Defining)

*Lusid Cruelty Free Brush (To make your own foam with)

*NOW includes FREE additional gift - A Lusid Silicone Free Smoothing Serum

Please help support our small business buy treating your hair with our eco-friendly styling giftpack or buy for a friend in need. BUY NOW


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