Patience and Perseverance - Lusid Update!

Patience and Perseverance - Lusid Update!

Running a business isn't easy. The hardest thing I have had to learn as an entrepreneur is patience and perseverance. Things don't often go as planned. But it is in these 'sink or swim' times that our creativity and resilience are put to the ultimate test, as we need pivot to find unique solutions.

Our goal to scale up our business remains unchanged. We are on a path to move our small business which is currently 100% online towards supplying to your local retail store here in New Zealand. The timeline for achieving this has been slightly accelerated with the imminent arrival of my new baby- due early June.

In April we created a crowd funding scheme to help us bridge a production gap as we faced the very real possibility of closing the business. A huge thank you to all of you who have supported our campaigns with gel and gift vouchers. Unfortunately we didn't quite achieve our desired target but what we did raise has at least (for now) enabled us to keep our doors open and continue to move forward. For this we do appreciate your contribution.

So we have had to make some hard decisions for how we proceed going forwards to lessen the risk to ensure the long term survival of our small business. We are pleased to announce that we have chosen to invest into our Curl Crème Gel to make this available from July onwards so we can launch into retail- and those amazing contributors to the gel crowd funder will receive their product at the massive discount they secured.

The shortfall in funds however means that we are going to experience out of stocks across our product range in the short term (End of May/June/July) as we do not have enough funds to cover additional labour costs for short term production while I am on maternity leave.

Considering that we know we are going to be experiencing out of stock we advise for you to stock up in May to ensure you have enough Lusid products on hand to cover you for June and July.

I foresee my last production day being May 14, so any product orders placed before that date will be made.

We will be continuing to sell stock we have on hand but I will not have capacity for more small scale production runs until baby and I are settled and adjusted in the second half of the year. We know we are going to have a rocky few months but we are super excited for what's to come in the second half of the year.

Aside from our new and improved Curl Crème Gel, be sure to keep an eye out for The Lusid Rainbow- Coming soon! 

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