Lusid Fine Straight Hair

 Lusid Straight Hair Lusid Fine Hair
Fine straight hair has no natural curl. On our Lusid Rainbow Hair Spectrum; straight hair sits on the cooler side of the rainbow.
We have created a formula for type straight fine hair which keeps oil into check and brings life back to hair that tends to fall flat, become greasy too quickly, or is limp and lifeless.


Lusid products for fine straight hair


Wash: We recommend washing with our Lusid Violet Shampoo Bar and conditioning with our Lusid Blue Conditioner Bar for fine straight hair.




Style: Type 1A hair tends to lack volume and can easily get weighed down with heavy styling products. We recommend our Lusid Volumising Foaming Mousse to style mid-lengths and ends for that Lusid light and fresh feeling. For easy application use our Lusid Brush which is cruelty-free and easy to use to make foaming mousse with. 

We recommend applying Lusid Smoothing Serum to damp or wet mid-lengths or ends of hair for that extra shine. For that extra hydration boost we recommend our Lusid Detangling Leave In Conditioner which is no only oil free but palm free also.