How to Lusid

How to select the right Lusid product for your hair structure?

Selecting the right products for your hair type will make a huge difference to your hair. An individual with dry hair will require different nutrients if your hair is thick and curly versus fine and straight.

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How to use a Lusid Shampoo Bar

1. Wet your shampoo bar and apply to the roots of your wet hair to clean your scalp.

2. Use your fingers to work product into your hair to create a lather and rinse out. 

3, Repeat as the first application will remove debris and the second shampoo (double shampoo) will enable to bars nutrients to get to work.


How to condition or cowash with a Lusid Conditioner Bar 

Can be used after a Lusid Shampoo bar or to co-wash as frequently as desired.

1.Wet your Lusid conditioner bar and apply to mid-lengths and hair ends. 

2.Use your fingers to work the product through your hair and rinse out. 

If your hair is dry you can restore your hair to softness by just washing with conditioner only.

How to convert your Lusid conditioner bar to a liquid conditioner

Slice off a small amount of your conditioner bar. Add hot water. Melt and mix until completely dissolved. You can either use boiling water from a jug or melt in the microwave. Just be careful not to overcook the conditioner as it can burn. Note that the conditioner will thicken upon cooling. Allow to cool before use. Use the liquid conditioner up within the week. Store in a cool place away from moisture.


How to store your Lusid bars

For longevity of your Lusid bars we recommend drying them out completely (away from moisture) between use.

A soap dish or storage container can be used for storing bars at home. You can dry these out on your window sill between use or somewhere away from moisture.

How to use Lusid Detangling Leave-In Conditioner

Apply leave-in conditioner to wet hair after washing and conditioning. Comb product through hair and scrunch in an upwards direction, focusing on mid-lengths and ends of hair. No rinsing required. 

If you have fine hair, only a use a pea size amount of product and if you have medium to thick hair you can use a bit more generous with application to the approximate size of a New Zealand fifty cent coin to start. For longer hair you may need to add more product as desired to work through your hair evenly.

How to use a Lusid Curl Defining Creme Gel

Apply a pea sized amount for finer curls and a 50c coin size amount to thicker curls. Plop the head forward for root lift if desired. Apply to wet hair section by section scrunching upwards to distribute evenly throughout hair. Add more product as desired but best to have not enough rather than too much. Use a microfiber towel to soak up excess water. Diffuse dry for best results however you can airdry too, but do refrain from touching curls in drying phase to avoid frizz. When completely dry scrunch out the cast.

How to use a Lusid Smoothing Serum

This product is suitable for all hairstyles and is super easy to use.

Apply to 1-2 drops to damp hair by applying to hair ends and scrunching in an upwards direction.

How to use a Lusid Curl Defining Foaming Mousse

This product is suitable for medium to fine curls or waves as it is lightweight to not weight curls down.

Apply to towel dried hair. Start by adding a drop or two of Lusid Curl Defining Foaming Mousse to a damp Lusid brush. Then whip the brush in quick circular motions in the palm of your hand to create your own foam. Squeeze excess foam out of the brush and apply to your hair. Crunch the mousse into your hair from the ends upwards. 

How to use a Lusid Volumising Foaming Mousse

Add 1-2 drops of Lusid Volumising Foaming Mousse to a damp brush. Swirl it quickly in your hand to create foam. Squeeze foam from the brush into your hands and apply to hair mid-lengths and ends. Scrunch upwards from hair ends towards roots to add volume to your hair.

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