Love Your Hair with Lusid

Embrace the hair you have

With Lusid it's easy to love the hair you have and to embrace your natural hair structure. Hair care doesn't have to be complicated. Let us help you with a easy hair care routine whilst using products that are not only good for your hair but are good for the earth too.

Good for you

Lusid hair care products are vegan, made with organic ingredients which are ethically sourced. We choose to support local businesses to procure only the best ingredients to ensure that our hair care products are good for you. All of our ingredients contain absolutely no silicones, no parabens, no harsh sulfates and are free from microplastics.

Good for our planet

At Lusid sustainability is important to us as we care about the wellbeing of earth we live on. All of our packaging is sourced by local Auckland businesses. Our product cartons are printed on FSC Forestry Stewardship Council certified packaging to ensure that our packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. We print with soy based inks for home composability and zero waste. Our courier bags are home compostable are made from a corn starch base. We choose to be free of single use plastic. We recycle our Lusid aluminum tins, aluminum bottles and glass bottles. NZ Lusid customers can send back their empties to us with our return courier bags via their local post shop.

Proudly Made in New Zealand

Lusid is a New Zealand hair care manufacturer based in Auckland. Lusid manufacturers eco-friendly hair care products which are inclusive of all hair types. Unlike traditional hair care which works on a dry - normal - oily hair scale; we have created a Lusid Rainbow Hair Scale to make product selection as easy as possible according to your hair structure.


The Lusid Rainbow Hair Spectrum

Our Lusid Rainbow Hair Scale starts with warm colours and moves towards cool colours. It is measured across the scale from warm to cool by hair structure; coily, curly, wavy to straight and by hair thickness; thick, medium to fine hair.

The Lusid Rainbow

Do the quiz to find your place on the Lusid Rainbow here!

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