Neil shares his Lusid Hair

Does switching to shampoo bars improve your hair?

Neil is new to using Lusid Hair products. We asked him to share the changes he noticed when he made the switch to using a shampoo bar. Many people recognise that shampoo bars are beneficial for the environment because they are plastic-free, but hesitate making the switch because they worry that bars won't be able to give them their hair goals. If you are currently sitting on the fence, hopefully Neil's story will help convince you...

Shampoo bar?? Hmmmm, what to expect?! 

Let's start with a little bit about myself. My hair is usually hair sprayed up in to a half Mohawk and I’m the sorta person during the summer who showers every few days and washes their hair about twice a week. Most of the time, another round of hair spray finds its way on my head and makes the shape I'm looking for, before I’m out the door at 5:30 AM.

My day can contain 9 hrs in the office, maybe a pole class or a trip to the local circus studio for a lesson or two during the week. I then may go for a run at the weekend and do more exercise or be sat in air con and not to mention weathered on, so my hair is often sweaty, salty and thrashed around.

So when I got the opportunity to try out a new hair product, from Jen at Lusid Hair, I thought, "Yeah, why not?"

I used the Lusid Rainbow quiz which I thought was cute and added my hair type- curly and fine. The quiz recommended Lusid Blue shampoo bar and a few days later it arrived in the post.

Let’s fast forward a week... Day 1

 This is something totally new to me. Yes, I’ve used a bar of soap before. And yes, I’ve used it for a shower before, but to have shampoo in a bar??!!!

My initial thoughts, upon opening the little blue box, it smelt quite strong and being someone who is sensitive to strong perfumes, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The brilliant thing is, we all know how to use soap, so jumped in the shower added water and soon had a lather in my hands, which I slapped on my head, lathered again and was amazed how much foam was produced. I applied this to my hair and gave it a good rub around as we all do.

Continued to shower to give it a few minutes to work into my hair and towards the end of my shower washed it out.

Now I’m sure we can all admit to getting a little shampoo in the eyes from time to time and  today, yes you guessed it, it happened. But I am pleased to tell you all, it hardly stung at all and I quickly washed the rest out of my eyes. It’s good to know that it's sensitive to the skin, or in my case, eyes, and not a harsh product.

I then towelled my hair dry and spent 5 minutes moving it from side to side and looking in the mirror. My hair felt different to touch compared to the normal shampoo I use.

This was only the first wash of the week, yet as I typed this review, it just felt super soft and smooth and I felt really refreshed.

Day 4

I jumped in the shower on this Sunday morning. I needed to try and wake up a little. It was already 10 AM, I'd slept in.

First thing I did was grab the shampoo bar, lathered my hands twice and rubbed it all into my hair. Then I turned the shower head to it highest setting and stood under it for a good 5 minutes, and massaged my shoulders.

After washing the shampoo out, again I noticed my hair felt smoother to the touch and after drying myself off, I could see in the mirror my hair looked more shiny than I’ve noticed before.

Day 7

Yep, it's me, back for the third wash this week and you know the process by now- Jump in the shower, grab the shampoo bar and lather away. Through the last week, it's been super easy to wash my hair from a bar!! My hair feels softer, less tangled, even without brushing, and shinier through the whole week.

My final thoughts

Big things from a small package- an epic product in a little blue box, leaving my hair soft, smooth, full of life. For those conscious about the environment, a 1 litre bottle of shampoo, would be what I normally grab from the supermarket. Now I’m very tempted by Lusid’s Blue shampoo bar. It fits in the palm of my hand. And it comes to me in a compostable cardboard box so there is no rubbish to throw away. What I also like is I can slip this in my wash bag on upcoming trips and it’s  going to be a massive space saver!

Lusid Blue Shampoo Bar in 5: Compact, soothing, refreshing, shiny, smooth.

Lusid Hair NZ in 5: Reframing, Kiwi, fresh thinking, one to watch, authentic.

To find your place on the Lusid Rainbow and make the switch to using sustainable shampoo, take the quiz here to find the perfect products for your hair type and structure. Thank you very much to Neil for writing for the Lusid Hair Blog.

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