Lusid Hair Consult

At Lusid, we want to help you on your Lusid journey to hair happiness.

We have created this hair survey to help you to inform us, so we can help offer hair care education to help you to achieve your hair care goals. 

To start we want to know your hair concerns so we can help you to create a hair care plan that works for your hair structure taking your lifestyle into account. Not all hair is the same. That is why we use different organic and vegan friendly ingredients to nourish the specific hair structure. 

For example if you have fine curls and are purchasing a shampoo for dry hair you may find that is has been formulated for medium weight curls and may end up weighing down your strands. It is therefore important to us that you select the right products for your specific hair structure. 

Ensuring you have the right products for your hair type is half the battle. The other half is know knowing how and when to use them. Yes you will need to experiment and trial and error to figure out what works for your hair structure and your lifestyle. But with a Lusid hair consult we can guide to select the right products and help you to craft a easy hair care routine to hair happiness.

If you would like us to send you personalised Lusid Hair advice please follow the link below and fill in your hair care details into the form and one of our Lusid Hair Care consultant will come back to you with tailored advice for your hair structure.

Lusid Hair Consult Survey