Mothers Day

Plastic-free gift ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just over a week away. As the second Sunday of May, it's celebrated in Aotearoa on the 8th this year. Mother's Day, of course, was never supposed to turn into the overly commercialised excuse for advertisements and sales we see today. And as with every commercialised day, there comes a lot of waste. It was just supposed to be a day to show the mother-figure in your life how much you love them. Of course, those of us who tend to express our love through gift-giving may still want to get something for their mother this Mother's Day. So we've taken the time to come up with some ideas that Mother Earth will love just as much as your mum.

Give the gift of the right shampoo and conditioner

Pampering gifts, such as body butters or hair products, are a mother's day tradition in my household but I recommend avoiding the plastic containers.

As you know, at Lusid, we care about nourishing your natural hair. We have plastic-free hair care for all hair. I speak from experience when I say, once you have the right shampoo and conditioner bars for you, your confidence in your hair will sky-rocket.

Traditional hair care is in a plastic bottle and is usually categorised by dry, normal or oily hair. At Lusid we have created a hair spectrum to make it easy as possible for you to select the right hair care products for your hair type. So send your mum the rainbow quiz from our website (find it here) or if you want to take a more subtle approach, talk to your mum about the thickness and texture of her hair and then do the quiz for her to find the right products. 

Lusid Rainbow Bar Range

Pampering for all hair types

And if you'd prefer to get styling gifts instead then have a look at our Lusid Leave-in Conditioner and Lusid Smoothing Serum. These products are suitable for all hair types. 

This Lusid Leave-In Conditioner is mineral oil free, palm free and suitable for all hair types. Great for conditioning hair to aid strengthening of hair and to help reduce split ends. Also a great hair detangle for the kids and suitable for the whole family to use.


The Lusid Smoothing Serum exhibits delicious scents of orange, bergamot and rosemary. Crafted to smooth, add shine, control frizz, detangle, minimise hair damage and protect from environmental pollution. The serum is 100% plastic free and includes a glass dropper with rubber teat and a neat little dropper holder which we like to call "The Avo" for convenient storage.


Avoid packaged bouquets

Flowers brighten up a home- so does all the extra coloured paper and cellophane that they come wrapped in. Try visiting your garden centre and buying a potted plant instead. You could go as big as a fruit tree if your mother has lots of space in the garden and a green thumb or some pretty hydrangeas. This is a gift that will live on (when looked after) instead of dying and needing to be thrown out within a few weeks.

Lusid's cardboard boxes are home-compostable and are printed on soy-based ink so if you want an extra pop of colour around your plant, you could always tuck some into the soil.

 Potted Plant

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