How to Turn Solid Haircare into Liquid at Home

How to Turn Solid Haircare into Liquid at Home

Hey liquid hair care lovers!! I have devised a way that you can still use plastic free hair care, but for those of you who aren’t sold on using bars....Here it is! ⁣

How to turn your conditioner bar, or shampoo bar into a LIQUID. Make sure you read the special notes at the bottom.


Steps: ⁣

1. Cut a small slice off the whole bar(approx 7-10g) - the slice I cut here is 7g. ⁣

2. Melt the slice in a microwave safe dish. Be careful not to boil or let it burn. (Approx 15 sec, then 3 seconds at a time until liquid. ⁣

3. Quickly add a little boiling water, whisking quickly as you go. (Make sure the bar doesn’t get time to set before adding your water. If it does, remelt it) ⁣

4. Add more water until you get the desired consistency for you. (Note: when the conditioner is hot, it will be runny. Allow it to cool so you can judge the consistency before adding more water.) ⁣

5. Finally- spoon the conditioner into a clean tub. ⁣

Store in the fridge for up to 3 days. ⁣

A couple of special notes: ⁣

❤️Lusid Beauty Conditioner and shampoo bars contain no preservatives so mold will grow when water is added if it is not stored correctly. For this reason I recommend making a small amount at a time (1-3 days worth), rather than melting a whole bar at once.⁣

❤️ I have only tried this method with Lusid Bars so therefore cannot say if it works for other brands. Let me know if you do try! 🙂 

❤️I personally like a thicker consistency, so to 7g of solid bar I added 50mls of water. You may add more or less than this depending on your preference. ⁣

❤️This method also works for Lusid Beauty Shampoo bars- however, the shampoo bars don’t contain as much thickener as conditioner. So if you do try this using the above water:bar ratio, expect the shampoo to be slightly runnier. This is normal- and it is by no means less powerful. ⁣

Have fun with this and let me know how you go! Tag us so we can see your creations! ⁣

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