How to Turn Solid Haircare into Liquid at Home

How to Turn Solid Haircare into Liquid at Home

Hey liquid hair care lovers!! I have devised a way that you can still use plastic free hair care, but for those of you who aren’t sold on using bars....Here it is! ⁣

How to turn your conditioner bar, or shampoo bar into a LIQUID.

A couple of notes for Liquid Shampoo vs Liquid Conditioner:

⁣⁣Our Lusid Shampoo bars don’t contain as much thickener as conditioner. So expect the shampoo to be slightly runnier in consistency. This is normal- and it is by no means less powerful. ⁣1x Lusid Travel Shampoo Stick makes up approximately 500ml of Liquid shampoo.

When turning a Lusid conditioner into a liquid 1x Lusid Travel Conditioner Stick the liquid will thicken as it cools and will make up approximatley 1l of Liquid conditioner.

Store your liquid shampoo and conditioner in the fridge. Lusid products are made with organic ingredients and are susceptible to spoilage so we recommend only making up as much of a liquid as you plan to use within the next 3 days or adding natural preservatives.

Check out our Lusid Hair Tutorials page for more hair tips and tricks.

Have fun with this and let me know how you go! Tag us so we can see your creations! ⁣@lusidhair

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