Jen Lee

"Embracing my long, straight hair" with Jen

Solving my first world hair problems ...


Before I owned part of a haircare company I had short-ish, above-the-shoulder-length hair that I could easily get away with infrequently brushing as it didn't tangle much. 

I would always just get it cut when the ends started to go dry and straw-like. I kept it long enough so I could easily tie it up but never had any long hair aspirations.

When I switched to using Lusid products, my hair had a complete transformation. It was so shiny and smooth and it started to grow at a rapid rate. I had multiple friends comment as they had never seen me with long hair before. 

Somedays I'm actually amazed at how blessed I am to have such happy, healthy hair and I love it. I do admit to getting curl envy every now and then; but now I'm grateful to be on this new path of embracing my natural hair and playing around and experimenting to discover what works for my hair type. 

I would often go days without brushing my hair and could easily just throw it up in a bun to hide the fact that it was very knotty. To break this habit, my delightful friend Amy would message me randomly and ask if I had brushed my hair that day! Thank goodness I now have a Lusid Leave-In conditioner to help me detangle my hair. I've learned that brushing your hair gives your hair natural smoothness and shine by helping to distribute the natural oils from the scalp down the hair shaft. I am proud to say that I have actually got into the habit of brushing my hair on the daily and have had significant improvements to my hair.

Having long hair has enlightened me with a whole new set of first world problems that I had never personally come across. Here are my top 5...

1) Getting my hair stuck it the drivers side door

You would think that I would learn from the first time - but this would actually happen on several occasions in daily life.

2) Learning how to do a decent hair flick

As a dance instructor; hairography was actually much for difficulty for me and I actually had to spend hours practicing in front of a mirror

3) Whipping own hair in face or others with a swift turn

Sometimes I would misjudge the power of my own hair. I've come close to taking my own eye out

4) Eating it by accident and or getting food stuck in it (mainly potato chips)

It's not tasty, yet sometimes a stray strand will appear in my mouth for no reason at all except to bug me maybe? Or that moment when you are super hungry yet have to eat something delicious and you miss your mouth and end up feeding your hair instead! (Or maybe, I'm just uncoordinated!)

5) Getting my hair caught in zips

Never used to be a thing! But now I have to be super careful not to get my hair caught in zips and being pulled out with care rather than breakage.

Now that real benefit of having straight long hair is how versatile it is to style it. I love the fact that I can easily put it up or leave it out and have really enjoyed braiding it. I got so good at it that I could plait my hair en route to the train station to be good to go for work.

I also loved the fact that with the help of some styling products, plaits when undone would create some beautiful waves with ease. I was too lazy to spend the time and effort to curl my hair as it would take so long that I would get sore arms from holding them above my head and the curls would often fall out easily too. I have come to normalise the fact that everyone wants the hair type they don't have and sometimes it's nice to have a change up for a bit. But at the end of the day, nourishing your natural hair type to make it look its best is much easier than you think with the right products and technique.

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