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Neil's Conditioner Bar Review

G’Day folks, I'm back this time giving you a review on another epic Lusid product. While I tested and loved the shampoo bar. Being someone that bleaches their hair, a good conditioner is also a must and so i've been checking out the Lusid Green Conditioner Bar. You may remember you can jump on the Lusid Rainbow to take the quiz and find out the products matching your hair type.

Firstly, I'm sure like me you're aware of the current news that we hear almost daily. About climate this, climate that, there is no doubt that we all have had a huge impact on the planet we live in today, through the industrialisation of the modern world.


If you're anything like me, yes I get it, yes I understand that we need to make a change. Yet how on a daily basis can I actually do anything that makes a difference?... Well as I've been learning recently, it starts with the products we use most often and the team at Lusid have been working hard to help us all out! 


There are now products that we can all buy, easily, that actually reduce the impact of our habits on the planet. When you consider a traditional bottled shampoo. Is actually mostly water, with up to 80 percent of the shampoo by volume, being water!  Yep, you heard me correctly, Which just seems crazy. Not only do we shower in water, or bathe, you are actually using really expensive water to wash your hair!


When I found out that one Lusid bar will last as long as 4 times the length of your standard plastic bottled shampoo liquid equivalent, that is a big claim! To last approximately 130 washes if stored correctly!


This would mean, with a simple change, I can help reduce my daily water footprint, but also use a product, which I have found improves the quality and feel of my hair, is actually easier to use and I can help the environment by reducing my water usage.


Let's also be honest we all want to do our bit for the environment, yet it can feel quiet daunting to know where to even start. What I am loving is, the Lusid bars are plastic & micro plastic free, so there is nothing to throw into the recycling bin apart from a small cardboard box.


The Lusid Green Conditioner bar, like the shampoo bar, is easy to use and makes dealing with you hair a breeze. I've been adding the conditioner, continued showering and washed out before I jump out of the shower. As I said at the beginning of my review, I bleach and colour my hair a lot, it gets hammered with hair spray and Auckland's weather daily. This conditioner bar helps make my hair really soft and smooth. It is so easy to use and I can help the environment by choosing a product that helps reduce my footprint on this planet! Epic work Lusid, you've won me over totally!

Neil D


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