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Pride Month Marketing: "I don't feel supported, I feel used"

Pride Month

Every June, advertisements from the big corporates and franchises of the world start to get a lot more...colourful. The logos get swapped to rainbow versions overnight. Suddenly every big corporate is saying that they are an ally. But sure enough, by July 1st, much of that has disappeared. The performative marketing ends for another year. Personally, as someone in the LGBTQIA+ community, I get more critical of the companies that slap a rainbow on their logos and marketing for just a month. It has an opposite effect- I don't feel supported, I feel used.

So what does a good ally look like in the form of a company? A good ally-company will represent people, no matter their gender or sexuality, in their marketing and within their staff, year round, not just when it looks good. They will also openly stand with and support the LGBTQIA+ community when things are happening in politics or society that threaten the rights of the community. They can do what they can to help fund LGBTQIA+ organisations. And they would sell goods and services for everyone, no matter their gender. That last part is definitely a big part of Lusid Beauty and something we are keen to work on.

At Lusid, we accept that we need to do better when it comes to our representation in our marketing. As a small business, it is difficult to fund that kind of marketing budget. But you can help us: If you use Lusid Beauty products, we want to see you. Our products are for everyone, no matter what your gender is. Tash started Lusid because she didn't see herself represented in haircare and we would be remiss if we did not continue this legacy. Tag us in your photos, videos and stories @lusidbeauty so we can share all the beautiful humans that use Lusid.

We want everyone to feel welcome to use Lusid Beauty. The more people that use our products mean that there’s more people looking after their hair and looking after the environment. 

June is the month for LGBTQIA+ Pride overseas, but here in Aotearoa we usually celebrate in February with the annual event The Big Gay Out, organised and run by the New Zealand Aids Foundation. Unfortunately that event is not going ahead this year due to Covid-19 (I'm quite disappointed, I was really looking forward to attending again).

From 1st February, we will be releasing our brand new Lusid Beauty logo crop top!

Lusid Beauty Logo Crop Top

This crop features our new rainbow logo (that we will be using year-round on our social media!). This Limited Edition top is currently available for presale. 

Presale Orders will be available for the month of February only. Expected delivery to be prior to the 28th of March.

Most importantly, for every crop top sold, Lusid Beauty will donate $1 to Rainbow Youth. Rainbow Youth affirms and empowers and offers support to young people of all abilities, religions, countries, communities and backgrounds. This for youth, by youth organisation plays an important role in the community for young people in Aotearoa and we are proud to offer what support we can to them.

If you want to learn more about Rainbow Youth, you can check out their website here

And to purchase our new crop top, you can go here

- Rosemary Hunt, Digital Communications Assistant at Lusid Beauty

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