Lusid Travel Stick Violet Shampoo

NEW Lusid Travel Sticks!

Lusid Travel stick are super easy to convert to a liquid shampoo or conditioner.

We are excited to be launching Lusid Travel sticks. These 25g bars are the same recipe as our 70g bars but are in a easy compact format for travelling. Designed to take up the least amount of space for when you are on the go, working away from home, away for the weekend or escaping on that long overdue holiday.

These travel stick are great for co-washing and are super easy to convert to a liquid format for those that prefer a liquid conditioner. We recommend for those with long hair as it makes it much easier to work through the hair.

Converting a bar to a liquid is super easy with a travel stick. With our round bars we recommend waiting until you get towards the end of you bar life before converting to a liquid, especially for our shampoo bars. Our improved formula shampoo bars have been French milled. French milling is a unique milling process that was invented by traditional soap makers in France, as far back as the 1700s. The Lusid Shampoo bar mixture which is made with organic ingredients is passed through high-pressure stainless steel rollers a minimum of three times, hence the term ‘triple-milled’. This process removes excess air and moisture from the mixture. It also ensures all the natural ingredients and essential oils are thoroughly blended, resulting in a smoother, firmer bar that doesn't crumble when wet. Lusid shampoo bars have no impurities, a creamy luxurious lather and the bar is denser and will last many times longer than other shampoo bars. 

Our Lusid conditioner bars have been specially formulated to nourish you hair structure. However if you hair is long and or plentiful we do encourage moving up the Lusid rainbow scale to give your hair that extra nourishment that your hair may need. Our conditioner bars are made with organic ingredients, are vegan friendly and are free of silicones, sulfates and parabens. This ensures that our bars are not only good for you but are child friendly and can be used by the whole family. 

To convert a Lusid travel stick to a liquid conditioner just slice or grate your bar into small pieces, add hot water and melt and mix. For conditioner we recommend adding approx. 1 to 1.2l of water depending on your desired consistency. This liquid will thicken upon cooling. Make sure you give time to allow to cool before use.

Store your liquid shampoo and conditioner in the fridge. Lusid products are made with organic ingredients and are susceptible to spoilage so we recommend only making up as much of a liquid as you plan to use within the next 3 days or adding natural preservatives.

If you want to make a deep conditioning mask you can add Aloe Vera and a few drops of our Lusid Smoothing Serum and 500ml of hot water to melt and mix with your Lusid Travel Conditioner Stick for a great deep conditioning mask at home. Apply to your hair generously for 10-20 minutes before thoroughly rinsing out of hair mid-lengths and ends. To learn more hair care tips and tutorials please subscribe to our Lusid YouTube channel here.

Lusid Travel Set

Also keep an eye out for our Black Friday sales. We have a limited quantity of travel sets available. Each travel set contains 1x Lusid Shampoo Stick, 1x Lusid Conditioner Stick and a Aluminum storage tin to make it super easy to take your Lusid sticks with you when you need to wash your hair away from home.

Lusid gift set

These Lusid Travel Set also make great gifts. A great option for those who want to shop sustainably this Christmas. But you will need to be organised as we have only a limited number of tins available. These are sure to sell out!


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