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New Year, Natural Hair!

New Years Resolution?


I've only ever successfully stuck to one drastic new year's resolution in my life, back in 2017 (I managed to stick to veganism for a year and a half). I don't like the idea of "New year, new me" but I do like the idea of "New Year, improved me". I do acknowledge that's far less catchy. But even so, it doesn't stop me from taking the opportunity to set a goal at the start of every year. No matter what the outcome is, it's still an opportunity to make a positive change in your life.

And some of you may have taken the time over the summer holiday to set some New Year's resolutions. Personally, I'm aiming to nourish and care for my body and I'm including my hair in that too. That part is pretty easy to achieve since I work at Lusid Beauty, so I wanted to share why switching to Lusid products might help you with your own 2022 hair goals.

If you've been following Lusid for a while now then you will know that the best way to nourish your hair is to work with it, not against it. That means using products that work for the hair type and structure you have, not the hair one you wish you had.

Rosemary holding Green Shampoo Bar Box

For example, I have fine, curly hair (i.e. I use Lusid Green Shampoo and Conditioner bars) It can't take much product before it gets weighed down and greasy. Before I got my job at Lusid, I was using any old shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket shelves that promised me more volume. They really fooled me into thinking that all the sulphates, parabens and silicones were going to give my hair more volume when I was still just letting it air-dry.

It was actually through editing old Lusid Live videos to go onto IGTV that I got really familiar with how to use a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. Now after washing my hair with the Lusid Bars, I'll finger-comb through some Lusid Leave-In conditioner and scrunch in some Lusid Creme Gel and then hang upside down off my bed with the hairdryer for 20 minutes. That's the real secret to volume. Then you're drying your hair without gravity pulling it down and achieve lift all the way up at the roots.

Another lesson from working with my hair is to not start over every morning. Once you have a good hair day after washing it, you want to feel just as good about it the next day too. However, I got myself a cute little pink shower cap so keep it dry so I wouldn't be tempted to wet my curls every morning. My hair is usually quite a bit flatter by the second day after tying it up for the gym and then sleeping on it. Sometimes I'll encourage some more curl back into it with some Lusid Curl Defining Mousse but most of the time, I just take off the shower cap, shake the curls out and go with it.

Changing up your routine can be a little bit daunting. It took me a while to love my curls just as much in their state a few days after washing and styling. It was a really good lesson in accepting myself, if I'm really honest. But after nearly a year of working at Lusid and of making positive changes to my hair, I can confidently say that my curls hold their form much better, my hair is longer, and my scalp feels much healthier fair with less build-up.

So don't go for the products that make promises they can't keep. Go for the ones that say they are for the hair that you have, and the results will come.

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