Lusid Curl Defining Creme Gel

Out with the old and in with the NEW - Lusid Curl Defining Creme Gel

The New Formula Lusid Curl Defining Creme Gel

As creatures of habit we don't like change. That also goes for when products change and small businesses evolve. It can be hard to let go of the past to make space for something new.

When our founder, Tash, first created this unique hybrid product; she was a solo business owner making all of the Lusid products by hand. This was quite manageable when the business was less than a year old and she was only making small batches by hand with not a lot of consumer demand. 2 years later and our Lusid team has grown to 3, our brand is growing in the NZ plastic free hair care space, and is recognised as the first business to cater plastic free hair care for curly hair.

With such rapid growth and increased demand for our products, we needed to improve the efficiency of our product manufacturing. We therefore partnered with a top NZ cosmetic chemist lab to bring you our new Curl Defining Creme Gel.

The new and improved product now reflects labour and production costs which we never had to consider for the previous gel. As a small business we are now at a critical growth point where we need to actually make a profit rather than breaking even as we also need to afford to (finally) pay ourselves to enable us to live. We have therefore had to increase our price to enable our business to continue to survive.

Saying goodbye to the old Lusid Creme Gel to make space for the new; we knew we would sadly lose some customers who wouldn't be happy with the new price. So we sincerely thank all whom have chosen to stick by us through these tough times. Operating during the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to overcome challenges we never would have seen coming which have impacted us significantly across our whole supply chain. See our blog post about pricing to learn more.

Our Lusid Creme Gel is a unique hybrid product. The creme component helps to hydrate your hair whilst the gel component give a strong hold without the crunch or flakes. It is also free from plastics and microplastics. (Microplastics are common in cosmetics as they are a significantly cheaper ingredient to use).

As a business that prides itself on being in touch with our customers, your feedback is the most important thing that helps us improve our products- we take this seriously! The most common pieces of feedback we had received about the old product are the following:

1) I have fine curly hair and this product is too heavy and weights down my curls

2) The texture is unappealing like a snotty bodily fluid rather than something I put on my hair.

We want to be as inclusive as possible. So what's different about the NEW creme gel formula? 

1) It is no longer hand made so we have quality control and a significantly higher product consistency.

2) It's thinner and creamier - for a much more appealing texture and smoothness.

3) It is lighter (but buildable) so those with finer textures can now comfortably use this product without weighing their hair down

4) It spreads easier so you don't have to really work the product into your hair which is a huge time saving for those with longer hair

5) The packaging is no longer hand printed and applied by us which saves us time to be able to do other things

6) The new improved formula has a stronger hold, improving to overall quality of the product- Remember, cosmetic thickeners are fillers (and microplastics most of the time) and don't serve a holding purpose. 

7) It formulated according to our unique recipe, and tweaked by highly trained NZ cosmetic chemists to ensure safety, quality and now has an extended shelf life of 24 months.

8) Users can now recycle empty tins and send them back to us.

We hope you enjoy using our new and improved Lusid Curl Creme Gel and please do feel free to flick us some feedback We love hearing your thoughts. It helps us to improve, tweak, grow and move forwards.

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