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An update on our Rainbow Youth fundraiser

Supporting Rainbow Youth for pride month


This month at Lusid Beauty, we took the opportunity to fundraise for Rainbow Youth. For every purchase of our new special edition Rainbow crop top or tank top, $1 will be donated to Rainbow Youth.

Lusid Rainbow Crop Top

Rainbow Youth are a national organisation that provides support, information, resources & advocacy for Aotearoa’s queer, gender diverse, takatāpui and intersex youth (27 and under). With a for youth, by youth approach, the organisation has an important role in Aotearoa's rainbow community.

At RY's drop-in centres in Tāmaki Makaurau/Auckland, Tauranga and Taranaki, young people can bring along their friends and whānau and can access identity affirming clothing and make up and take it home for free. RY also have peer support groups and one-on-one support groups for Rainbow folk across Aotearoa, and they support and advocate for rainbow young people who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

The alliance between a business, no matter how big or small it may be, and the Rainbow community needs to go beyond slapping a rainbow hue on their logo for February. At Lusid, we know there's more we can do but we are proud of this starting point. We are proud to say we are allies of the rainbow community.

Lusid was started by our founder Tash out of her frustration at not being able to find haircare for her ethnic, coily hair. Inclusivity is one of the core parts of Lusid Beauty. Your hair is a big part of your identity. It contains your DNA and your history.  Your hair is also a vehicle for self-expression, whether you cut it or grow it for a style that represents you and affirms who you are. We want everyone, no matter their identity, to feel welcomed to use our products to nourish their hair and take care of the planet.

You can be a part of our fundraiser by purchasing our tops. We have a crop top and a full length tank top available for pre-order. Presale Orders will be available for the month of February only. Expected delivery to be prior to the 28th of March.

Lusid Rainbow Full Length Tank Top

If you want to learn more about Rainbow Youth and what they do, you can head to their website, Facebook or Instagram to find out more about their drop in centres, events and advocacy.

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