Shopping local and plastic free this Christmas

Shopping local and plastic free this Christmas

Last Minute Plastic Free Christmas Gifting Ideas

It's that time of year again! It is crazy how quickly this time of year fly's. It's less than a week out to Christmas and I wanted to share our favorite plastic free gifts from locals this season.

We love this these handmade candles from Lumiere Creations because they look stunning and smell divine! Check out this limited edition Candy Cane Candle! It's an absolute treat and a great gift idea for anyone that is doing belated Christmas gifts.

Candy Cane Candle from Lumiere Creations

solo candle

These candles have been hand crafted with love by Christa and Spencer from Lumiere Creations.

A little bit about Lumiere Creations NZ - Christa

We started in lockdown cause I kept making candles and Spencer was like, "we can't burn all of these ourselves" and I had already been making candles as gifts for a couple of years.
We did a small launch back in December 2021 but then life got in the way throughout 2022. We eventually got our butts into gear in September 2022 and now are in full swing with lots planned for 2023!
The main reason I love Lumiere is cause it gives me another avenue for creativity. As an accountant by day and circus teacher by night, I don't find a lot of time to be creative for myself, and candle making is one of my favourite ways to zone out and recharge (surprisingly!). The best part about all of it is the look on a customer's face when they open their candle and smell it - pure bliss! (and sometimes hunger)

Christa & Spencer

I guess I’d recommend our Christmas range (Gingerbread, Fresh Pine and Candy cane) but they won’t be available after the 31st Dec hahaha. So no specific candles to recommend, but our best sellers are our Coffee & Vanilla and our Guava Lychee candles!
They make great gifts as you don’t need to burn them to appreciate them, we try and make them look like forbidden foods so that people can enjoy the aesthetic before they burn it and it gives off enough scent in it’s original form :)
All of our candles are 100% handmade, from the piped layer of whipped wax on top to the small decorations on top.
The dream would be to one day make Lumiere and circus my main sources of income with a side hustle of accounting - maybe haha. Christa - Lumiere Creations.

Please join us in supporting local businesses so someday Christa can live her dream :)
Website -

Hippie Stick from Soul Glow Artistry

We love this Honey Bee Lip Butter which is a lovely warm nude colour with a soft shimmer.  When you finish your Hippie Stick Lip Butter the eco-friendly tube has cornflower seeds nestled within it, providing a valuable food source for our local bees.

Honey Bee

A little bit about Soul Glow Artistry 

Soul Glow Artistry provides cruelty free products and services that have been carefully curated by Jamie. As a Make Up Artist, Jamie chooses to use only products that she loves, that she uses on herself and her clients and gives her clients an opportunity to purchase these items from Soul Glow Artistry.


Soul Glow Artistry sells a range of vegan and cruelty free cosmetics and hair care which are not only high quality brands, but are contributing to world in a positive way so you can do good, look good and feel good. Jamie is actually Lusid's very first stockists. She loved Lusid's product so much, that she wanted to share her Lusid hair transformation with others.

Lusid's very own Travel Stick Set

Although we are bias we love the Lusid travel set because it enables you to take your Lusid shampoo and conditioner with you away from home in the neat little aluminium tin. It's awesome because it doesn't take up a lot of space for when you need to travel light. Perfect for travel overseas, locally,  or even just a weekend away.


Jen loved Lusid products so much that she bought the business

It was Jen, our Lusid hair extraordinaires fear of missing out that breathed life to Lusid's existence. Founder of Lusid, Tash had hand crafted her first The Curly Bar and shared her creation with Jen. Jen whom has straight hair had instant FOMO as she wanted to use plastic free hair care. She loved the fact that you didn't need to pay for the 80-95% water in you regular liquid shampoo or conditioner but even more so was the ability to choose plastic free. As every plastic item will continue to exist and Jen loved having the option to choose to not consume plastic which is not always an option given often.


Jen inspired The Curl Witch to create Lusid and she worked with her from the businesses infancy to develop the brand. This year Tash decided to go back to her roots and focus on her curly hair salon.

Making gifts for your loved ones

Another great last minute gift idea is to use your creativity to gift something that you have made at home. For those that are artistic could make a piece of art, jewellery or if your are not crafty you can easily make up a gift basket of items that you know your giftee will love. 

Baking is another great option as cookies, fudge and truffles are great options to put it gift boxes. If baking is not your thing you could go buy some unique moulds and melt chocolate into them. 

Egg tart

We hope you have found some inspiration from these ideas. Hopefully you are well organised and have no need for last minute gifts. This season it's really about the gifts, it about spending time with the ones you love. 

Wishing you and your loved one, happy holidays this season. 





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