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Support Local: How Covid-19 affects Lusid and other small businesses

What lockdown is like at Lusid

Lockdown is challenging for everyone in different ways and it is particularly difficult for small businesses. At Lusid, we are no strangers to the lockdown struggle. We are based in Tāmaki Makaurau which has meant learning to adapt to sudden lockdowns but it has also meant working under restrictions for much longer than other places in Aotearoa.

As you may have noticed, we have been going through a significant and exciting rebrand at Lusid, which all came to a screeching halt when Covid Alert Level 4 restrictions were placed onto the country. We were now facing unexpected delays with our products and packaging. Unfortunately, Lusid doesn’t qualify as an essential service so we weren’t able to continue operating. Although we are a home-based business, our small team of three could no longer come together to work from Lusid HQ.

In Level 3, our team is still separated and working from home but we are now able to put out some orders, although now we also have the problem of courier delays impacting both our ability to deliver our products to you, and also delays us receiving supplies.

The silver lining is that we have been able to refresh our website and get our crowdfunding campaign up and running for the remainder of our rainbow range. Another exciting update is that we also now order subscriptions to our core range so you will always have the supplies to keep your natural hair nourished (these are not available on limited edition products).

Because we know how difficult mahi can be under level 3 restrictions, we wanted to take the opportunity to share some other small local businesses that would love to have your business. Below are the stories of the wonderful people behind PamperCap, BeaniBros and Moonchild Soaps NZ. If you love haircare, then you’ll want to check these companies out too.


Talking to Amanda from PamperCap

Amanda from PamperCap

What is a PamperCaps and what inspired you to start your business?

Early on in my Curly Girl journey, I read about thermal heat caps and how they help maximise deep conditioning/protein treatments by opening up the hair shaft and allowing the products to really penetrate and do their work. I was keen to try one but when I did some research I realised there was nothing local (NZ-made) on offer. The cost of buying one from overseas was so inhibitive and it would take an age to arrive... so, being both crafty and impatient, I decided to make my own instead!

A PamperCap is a dry rice-filled heat cap that you heat in the microwave then pop on your head. The gentle heat opens up the hair shaft and gets all that luscious goodness into your hair from your deep conditioning, protein or henna treatment. I've been using my prototype monthly for the past 3+ years and it's still going strong (I used it weekly at the beginning of my Curly Girl journey but I find I only need to use it monthly now). Once I shared my prototype in my Curly Girl group, the requests came rolling in so I decided to make a few for sale... and that's how my business started.

I've now expanded into several other products that make the Curly Girl journey so much easier to navigate (IE: PlopCaps, which are the alternative to trying to wrangle a t-shirt around your head while upside down). Most of my products come from either requests from other Curly Girls or from issues I've faced myself. I love that others aren't afraid to ask if I would make them something to fit all their hair in or help a particular problem!

How has Covid affected your business and what changes have you had to make/if any?

My business relies on being able to get supplies locally, and with COVID lockdowns that's certainly been a challenge. I've found that most clients understand this though, and are happy to wait (thankfully!).

Sales have been great and the extra downtime has enabled me to work on new product ranges (I'm about to launch a range made especially for curly kids - at long last!). Luckily, my website was set up from the get-go so online shopping and contact has been my bread-and-butter - that hasn't changed.

Lots of pros and cons with regard to COVID but overall, I'm happy with how my business has thrived during this challenging time. My customer base is made up of 50% returning customers and 50% new customers so I couldn't be happier!

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Talking to Sara from BeaniBros

Sara from BeaniBros

What is BeaniBros and what inspired you to start your business?

Beanibros is handmade crochet and sewn items such as head wraps, baby accessories and masks.
In the first 2020 lockdown I was crocheting and starting making hats. After posting them for my friends on Facebook, many were telling me I should sell them. And that’s pretty much how it started! I love being creative, so having a purpose for my creativity has made it even more fulfilling. 

Everything on my site and at markets is handmade by me. Heck I even built my own website!

How has Covid affected your business and what changes have you had to make/if any?

Covid has actually given me time to build my business in many ways. I am a full time teacher, so squeezing BeaniBros in when I have a moment has always been unfortunate. During lockdown even though I’ve been online teaching, I have had extra time to focus on the business. Mask sales boomed and during lockdown becomes the most popular online item. I miss markets, getting out and meeting people and seeing their positive responses to my products.

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Talking to Jordyn from Moon Child Soaps NZ

Moon Child Soaps NZ

What is Moon Child Soaps NZ and what inspired you to start your business?

Moon Child Soaps NZ is all about creating hand crafted, plastic free, and all vegan soaps that are beautiful, budget friendly, and a little bit magical.

I was inspired to start Moon Child Soaps NZ in 2019 when I had been making soap as a hobby for a while, and the feedback from friends and family overwhelmingly positive which encouraged me to start an Etsy store. Since then I have learnt so much about soap making and gotten more creative with my designs.

How has Covid affected your business and what changes have you had to make/if any?

Since Moon Child Soaps NZ is primarily an online store, I’ve been lucky that covid hasn’t affected me too much, although it has delayed plans to have a market stall at Hobsonville Point. Hopefully soon we will be at level 1 and able to get the ball rolling again.

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