Sustainability and supporting local

Sustainability and supporting local

As we move in and out of the lockdown levels, times are challenging in this current climate as a small NZ business. Our supply chain; from ingredients, production, packaging and courier services are all carried out by New Zealand companies. So when you purchase with Lusid the NZ dollar has exchange hands at least 3 times before reaching our customers hands.

Sustainability at Lusid

Sustainability is also important to us at Lusid. We choose to use Forestry Stewardship Council certified packaging to ensure that our packaging comes from responsibly managed forests where the interests of biodiversity, waterways and wildlife are consisdered. We also print with soy based inks for home composability and zero waste. Our courier bags are home compostable are made from a corn starch base and are also printed with soy based inks. Our aluminum tins can be reused as bar holders - perfect for travel. We also recycle our Lusid aluminum tins, aluminum bottles and glass bottles which NZ Lusid customers can send back to us via their local post shop.

Supporting Local NZ Businesses

Supporting local is important to us to keep our NZ economy going. We want to support other small business at this time so here is a little shout out to some of our fav this month!

Sheshe Styled this

Sheshe styled thisAuckland City Council estimate around 9% of their city landfill is textile waste! Opshops are often overflowing with donations of clothing - some great and many damaged which they then have to pay to take to the tip. There is already enough clothing in the world to sink the planet, so my mission is to show my Clients how to use what they already have & to source preloved pieces to fill any gaps they have in their wardrobe. For many of my Clients, the intentions of more sustainable options were quashed by not having the time or energy to trawl through the seemingly overwhelming racks of second hand shops.  I take that obstacle out of the way and show my Clients that shopping preloved can be exciting, stress-free & so good for their mental load when it comes to "doing the right thing" for our planet. Shopping can be such a source of guilt for many women, so I'm flipping this idea on its head and freeing my Clients to live out their wardrobe dreams... sustainably. 
My ultimate dream is to see sustainable fashion more mainstream than fast fashion. That it is more desirable for women to be excited and proud that their outfits have been sourced sustainably, instead of at fast fashion.
I have found that my particular niche of clients is really hungry for this in-depth knowledge of sustainability in fashion. They’re wanting to better themselves and reach their sustainability goals.  It’s empowering when you have the information to make truly good decisions for yourself, your family and our sustainable future. Starting in your wardrobe is also an empowering place to begin the journey – it’s style, sustainability and a self-confidence boost all rolled into one!  

 Jessie Maree - Sex & Confidence coach + Empowerment photographer

 Love me trueI help women transform their sense of self-love, confidence and sexual power so that they can stop playing small and live a life overflowing with purpose, pleasure and passion.

I use coaching and photography to help women, transform themselves and achieve their deepest desires. Working with me, whether in coaching, a photo shoot or a combination of both, is an opportunity to draw upon your vulnerable and sensual sides, to push your edges past your comfort zone, and to discover what you are made of when you let your guard down.

Instagram - @jessiemareeco
Website - 


Hout & Co
Hout&Co are an affordable gold plated jewellery brand and 90% of our pieces are designed for everyday wear - meaning they are waterproof, won't tarnish long term and you can wear them exercising and so on. Seeing as our pieces are long lasting, it creates less landfill long term, however they are still at a very affordable price point, we also offer free shipping NZ wide.
All of our packaging is made out of cornstarch or paper and where we do have plastic coming into the business (like protective bubble wrap from our suppliers), this is being recycled carefully in the soft plastic recycling. We want to ensure the business and out pieces have the least amount of impact on the environment - whether that is now or after we are long gone. We also donate $1 per piece sold to charity which changes every month which our customers choose. This month, our charity if Mental Health Foundation New Zealand. 
Lovebird Beautilicious
Supporting local
Creating Eco-friendly and zero waste products is my way of reducing my carbon foot print. I use fabrics that are no longer wanted i.e old clothes and linens, scraps left over from current orders and projects, donated scraps and linens, remnants (last of stock in fabric stores), I buy new fabrics that I now will constantly sell like plain colors or leopard print.
I then sew these into reusable products, scrunchies, head bands, key fobs, gift bags and custom made orders depending on what it is. When it comes to packing I resume tissue paper that I get my orders in or if I buy tissue paper I make sure it's recycled tissue. Courier bags are Eco-friendly cornstarch bags, I will be buying a courier label printer with Eco-friendly made labels too.



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