Eco-Friendly Easter Tips

Caring for the planet at Easter can be easy with these eco-friendly tips


Easter Sunday is just over a week away, and before you panic and race to the supermarket for your chocolate eggs, we wanted to share tips for a more eco-friendly Easter.

Easter chocolate usually comes packaged in a lot of plastic, foil and cardboard. It's great for convenience but terrible for the environment.



When it comes to the '5 R' rules, Recycling should be a last resort. Refusing should be your priority when you are shopping. You can't buy a sustainable lifestyle. You can buy sustainable products (like shampoo and conditioner bars, of course!) but it actually starts with saying "no" to unnecessary plastic. 


Think about what your kids are actually able to eat. You don't need to go overboard with buying lots of treats. Instead, if you have a bigger Easter budget, aim to buy Fair Trade chocolate or visit a local chocolatier to support a small business.


Avoid individually wrapped eggs where possible. If you are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt and are worried that they might get dirty after the Easter Bunny has hidden them, pop them in reusable treat bags or containers. The kids will still be overjoyed to find all of the yummy treats that the Easter Bunny has left, they won't mind about the lack of foil.


Instead of purchasing plastic baskets from the Warehouse or 2-Dollar Shop for your kids to put their eggs in whilst they are hunting, check out your local op shops first for traditional wicker baskets. These will last you year in and year out.


Repurpose as much of the packaging as you can in arts and crafts for your kids. Cardboard always comes in handy.

If dyeing eggshells is a tradition in your household, you could mix it up this year by growing flowers inside them instead. Or use natural dyes so that when you're done you can compost the shells in your garden. Crush them up around the base of your plants for fertiliser.


Take the time to find your nearest soft-plastic recycling drop off. Your local supermarket should have a bin up the front where you can responsibly dispose of the packets that can't go in your council recycling bin.

As with any holiday, prioritise spending these days off with your loved ones. It's not about the chocolates or the cute Instagram family photos wearing bunny ears. Your kids won't remember those. But they will remember activities like baking together or a family picnic, or meal out supporting local business.


Remember your 5 R's this Easter Season 

We hope that you will keep these tips in mind whilst Easter shopping this year and in years to come. Be kind to the planet. Remember to refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. Build memories and spend quality time with your loved ones this Easter. Take this opportunity to share these 5 R's with the next generation to educate them about looking after the planet for a more sustainable life.


We wish you all a safe and happy holidays, from the team at Lusid.

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