Turning Hair Care On It's Head!

Turning Hair Care On It's Head!

Hi, I am Tash. I’m a naturally-curly-haired award-winning make-up artist and hairdresser. I’m also a frustrated engineer. 

When motherhood tempered my lifelong quest

for a product to nourish and enhance my ethnic curls with a more conscious way of thinking, consuming and living, I started experimenting with hair care products in my kitchen. 

No stranger to natural hair-care, I tried every shampoo bar and natural product sold for curly hair. Nothing worked. They contained sulfates, or they left my hair feeling oily. The last straw was buying a ‘natural’ dessicated coconut shampoo that smelled divine - but my ethnic curls are like velcro and everything sticks to them. I was walking around shaking coconut flakes everywhere looking like I was snowing dandruff!

It was time for action. Tapping into my skills as both a hairdresser and make-up artist and a robotics engineer, I began formulating a salon-grade conditioner for my hair after my daughter was asleep at night and sometimes until four a.m. in my home kitchen.

Sourcing local ingredients, I relentlessly tested, tweaked and retested until I found a formula that worked. Before long, the condition of my curls had improved so much people started noticing the difference. Before I knew it, I was getting curly conditioner orders from friends and family.

With huge encouragement from my network I took a deep breath, added a hand-crafted but science-based curly shampoo and decided to start a business. I initially intended to focus on curly hair, but I kept being approached by non-curly-haired people who also wanted similar eco-friendly products suited to their particular hair needs. I was amazed at how many people did not identify with having "normal hair". What is "normal hair" anyways? And so, Lusid Beauty was born.

At Lusid Beauty we're ditching a copy-and-paste definition of "normal" and encouraging you to find your own Healthy Normal. We believe in working out our hair type by its structure and curl pattern and caring for it accordingly. Instead of making the problem fit the solution, we make the solution fit the problem! While your hair may just be oily because it’s due for a wash or you are using the wrong product, the basic structure of your hair doesn’t change. Fine, straight hair needs different nutrients to curly hair or wavy hair.

My core belief in self-acceptance and self-love is central to everything I do. Because everyone is an individual with unique hair needs.Your hair can be your crowning glory. Find your difference, normalise it, and celebrate it. It will make you shine!

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