Embracing the Beauty of Diversity: A Guide to Understanding and Caring for Every Hair Type

Embracing the Beauty of Diversity: A Guide to Understanding and Caring for Every Hair Type

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Ever wondered why your hair reacts differently to products compared to your best friend's luscious locks? The answer lies deep within the structure of our hair. Today, let’s dive into the fascinating world of hair structures and discover how to pamper our manes perfectly according to their unique needs!

Straight Talk About Straight Hair

For those of you with straight hair, your strands are flat and smooth, giving you that sleek, glossy look we all adore. However, straight hair often struggles with oil buildup due to its low porosity, meaning it doesn’t absorb moisture easily. The trick? Opt for lighter, balancing shampoos that prevent oil overload without stripping your hair. Choose between Lusid Blue Shampoo Bar or Lusid Nourishing Shampoo Cream, both infused with Sweet Almond Oil. Despite the misconception that oils worsen oily hair, Sweet Almond Oil is lightweight and non-greasy. It effectively softens and conditions hair without weighing it down, making it perfect for straight hair in need of moisture.


If you have fine hair, consider our Lusid Violet Shampoo Bar/Volumizing Shampoo Cream, formulated with sea salt to naturally combat grease.


Waves of Beauty

Wavy hair, with its dreamy, slightly curved strands, strikes a balance in porosity. It’s a delightful middle ground that absorbs moisture more effectively than straight hair but isn't as prone to dryness as curlier types. Wavy-haired wonders, a good lightweight cream gel can be your best friend to enhance those soft waves without weighing them down. The Curl Defining Crème Gel in a bottle is perfect for those with wavy hair who want easy style and manageability. This 2-in-1 product combines the benefits of a nourishing crème with the styling power of a gel. With hydrating humectants, it keeps your waves moisturized and soft. Enriched with mango butter, it banishes dryness, reduces breakage, and smooths split ends, leaving your locks healthier. The gel enhances your natural waves without stiffness or flakiness, thanks to organic flaxseed. Plus, aloe vera fights frizz for a smoother look. It's lightweight, so your waves won't feel heavy, yet it still fights frizz effectively.

The Spirals of Joy in Curly Hair

Curly hair, oh how beautiful those spirals and ringlets are! But with great curls come great responsibilities. High porosity makes curly hair prone to moisture loss, leading to frizz and dryness. Regular deep conditioning treatments and creams that lock in moisture will keep your curls bouncy and healthy. Use Lusid Deep Conditioning Mask 1-2 times a week to transform those dry curls.


Our Curl Defining Crème Gel in a tin is the ultimate choice for those with medium to thick hair who crave long-lasting curl hold. What sets it apart is the powerful addition of extra flaxseed, ensuring a strong hold that keeps your curls defined all day long. Organic flaxseed mucilage takes the spotlight in this formula, providing unbeatable curl definition for a flawless finish. But that's not all; premium mango seed butter steps in to soften dry hair and minimise breakage, ensuring your curls look and feel their best.

The Coily Chronicles

Coily hair, with its tight coils and zigzag patterns, is stunningly unique but also highly prone to moisture loss due to its extremely porous nature. To keep coily hair healthy and vibrant, it's essential to use rich, nourishing products that deeply penetrate and moisturize the strands. Hydration is key!

Choose between Lusid Orange Shampoo Bar or Lusid Moisturising Shampoo Cream, both infused with Cacao seed butter, a natural emollient that deeply moisturises the hair and scalp. These products reduce dryness and flakiness while protecting against environmental damage with their antioxidant properties.


For conditioning, consider Lusid Red Conditioner Bar or Lusid Hydrating Conditioner Cream, both containing cacao butter and apricot seed oil. Cacao Butter softens the hair and shields it from damage, reducing breakage, while Apricot Seed Oil strengthens and nourishes, promoting healthy growth and preventing loss. Together, they leave your locks resilient and vibrant.


Beyond Structure: Tailoring Your Hair Care

Understanding your hair's porosity and texture is essential for selecting products that truly suit your needs. For example, those with curly and coily hair should seek moisturising ingredients, while individuals with straight hair may prefer lighter formulations.

Maintenance needs should also be considered. Long hair requires hydrating products to combat dry ends, while bleached hair benefits from a deep conditioning mask to repair and maintain strength and vitality.

Experimentation through trial and error is key to discovering what works best for your hair. Each person's hair is unique, with its own characteristics and needs. Trying out different products, techniques, and routines allows you to understand your hair's preferences, strengths, and weaknesses, empowering you to create a personalised routine tailored to your specific hair goals.

By embracing trial and error, you can explore various hair care products and methods, observing how your hair responds to different treatments and adjustments. This journey provides valuable insights into your hair's texture, porosity, elasticity, and more, enabling you to make informed choices about the products and practices that best suit your needs.

Creating a customised hair care routine based on your discoveries not only helps you achieve your hair goals but also promotes healthier, happier hair in the long run. Whether you aim to enhance curl definition, combat frizz, increase moisture retention, or promote hair growth, trial and error allow you to refine your approach until you find the perfect combination that delivers results.

At Lusid, we understand the importance of this journey toward discovering your ideal hair care routine. That's why we offer a FREE hair consult to assist you in navigating through your hair care journey. We provide personalized recommendations to guide you toward achieving your hair goals. Sign up for a FREE hair consult today and embark on a transformative journey toward healthier, happier hair.

Wrap Up in Style

Embracing your hair type with the right care routine is like choosing the perfect outfit—it just fits and feels right. Whether your hair is waving gently in the sea breeze, flowing straight down in a sleek cascade, spiraling joyfully, or coiling with pride, remember: your hair is a crown you never take off.

So, take a moment today to appreciate your hair's unique beauty and give it the love it deserves. After all, when your hair is happy, it makes a day just that much brighter!

Stay fabulous and keep those locks lovingly tended!

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