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Lusid Hair - What does Lusid mean?

Lusid Hair - Why Lusid and what is Lusid? 

We've recently undergone a rebrand. We were formerly known as Lusid Beauty, but in an effort to make our business simpler to understand we have rebranded to Lusid Hair. After all, we are all about HAIR.

We still sell the same plastic-free haircare you love, but we wanted to take the time today to share what Lusid actually means.


But have you ever wondered what Lusid actually means?

lucid /ˈluːsɪd/

1.expressed clearly; easy to understand.


2.bright or luminous.

So, "Lusid" itself is the phonetical of "lucid". We want to make hair care as EASY as possible. Finding the right hair care products that deliver healthy hair results for your own hair type shouldn't be hard. Even for those whom have the most challenging hair structures; don't go down the rabbit hole of applying a heap of rules to a complex hair care regimen which don't actually work for your hair type when you can actually make it SIMPLE with Lusid.

At Lusid all of our ingredients are ethically sourced and are made with organic ingredients. Our products are designed for your hair structure so you can have BRIGHT bouncy curls, LUMINOUS frizz free waves or sleek, shiny straight hair with ease. 

Your hair is a part of your identify. Having a good hair day can really make a difference to your mood. It can give you the confidence to be your best self. A good hair day doesn't come from heat tools or products that promise volume or sleekness without the ingredients to back up the claim. Good hair days come from nourishing your natural hair structure so it can reach it's full beautiful potential - whether it be coily, curly, wavy, straight, thick, fine or anywhere in between. So why not embrace the hair you have and #lusidloveyourhair?!

Lusid products have been crafted by Rezo-qualified hairdresser, Tash Brooks (A curl specialist), who struggled to find the right products in market for her thick, coily hair structure. She felt excluded at her hair type just wasn't catered for. At Lusid we want to make products for ALL hair types accessible! Of course inclusive for everyone. Not all hair is the same. So a one size fits all approach doesn't always work. Purchasing a hair care product for generic dry hair will not give you the best results for your hair structure as if you have straight thick hair your hair care nutrients required will be differing for those with dry thick coils. Aside from finding the right products for your hair structure we wanted to break hair care down and make it as easy as possible for you to have healthy hair to give you the confidence to be the best you.


Lusid Beauty may very well be our plastic free future again some day but for now Lusid Hair is what we do. As a small business we will change, grow and evolve and we hope your hair care journey will develop and grow with us too.

Please tell us what Lusid means to you? We would love you to share your Lusid hair journey with us. Email us at

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