Jen Lee

What to do with your power... choose abortion?

It’s disgusting that four men and one white woman have the power to take away the human rights of all women in America! 

Life isn’t fair. We live in a corrupt world. I am deeply saddened by the fact that American women have lost their human rights to choose abortion. Victims of rape will choose to kill themselves over having to conceive a child from their rapist. The truth can be harsh. However, I am even more so disgusted by the abuse of power of these five individuals; yet I’m not surprised by it at all. It still amazes me that in this modern age that we have not learnt from the wars of the past and that they still continue on today.

Abuse of power happens all the time. My first hand experience of its ugliness, lead me to a spiral of metal health issues which happened a few times in my corporate career. Where doing what is best for business comes second to the decision makers at the top who are having a power play amongst themselves to show off who has the biggest rooster. I discovered very quickly that I was just a pawn in game of chess that I didn't even know the rules to play. I had falling victim to a few power hungry emotional vampires to the point where I actually considered if my life was worth living.

Admittedly, I was slow on the uptake to learn from life's lessons as I had not read the survival guide, could not read the signs or had not sung the song from Frozen, enough times for it to actually sink in. I grew up in a bubble of privilege and was not armed to protect myself from bullies in my adult life. I accept that being a female of ethnicity has not set me up for success in my corporate life. If the “present me” could have offered “past me” some nuggets of advice I would have been to have left the “boys club” of corporate life sooner, to have learnt self worth and to choose happiness for me.

Corporate life paid me well and I do not regret the lessons learnt or the people that I met along the way. I am on a new path now and I acknowledge that I will make mistakes from time to time but I am determined to learn from them. I am on a journey of self development to heal from past traumas to be the best version of me, to share my learning with others, to choose happiness for me and to leave a positive mark on the world through Lusid

Lusid is my redemption. I may not be able to influence world peace but I will fight another day towards the war on plastic. Lusid is a plastic free and microplastic free company and this is how I choose to use the power that I possess. Almost ALL plastic that was ever made still exists and it is killing our wildlife and the planet we live on. I do not claim to be an eco warrior or environmentalist but it is important to me to be planet friendly and to choose wisely in regards to how I spend and consume.

You will hear me harp on a bit more about this next month for Plastic Free July but for now I give you a moment to reflect on my words. What will you do with your power? Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have any thoughts you would like to share with us please do get in touch via email. We would love to hear your thoughts.


Jen Lee

Managing Director of Lusid Hair

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