Why are we crowdfunding?

We are crowdfunding to help take our Lusid business to the next stage and have the ability to create our haircare products across our entire Rainbow Spectrum to help people with all hair types embrace and love the hair they have.

Crowdfunding involves members of our community purchasing selected Lusid products under our Rainbow Spectrum range to meet our specific targets so we can manufacture the rest of the products and release them out to the public. Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to fully meet demand for our full product range for a number of reasons – delays and price increases due to shipping, our founder Tash going away on maternity leave, and more.

What is happening this month (November)? 

Last month we held a Lusid Rainbow Crowdfunding Campaign to raise funds to manufacture the remainder of our bars for our Rainbow Spectrum. It was a great success, having raised 71% of our target! This means we can get the ball rolling with production on the remaining bars, to be dispatched out to our customers from the 18th November.

This month, our focus is to finish our crowdfunding target so we can complete our Lusid Rainbow, with another amazing crowdfunding promotion for you all!

Introducing our Lusid Gift Sets - perfect for Christmas!

We’re offering a special $50 Gift Pack to give to yourselves or your loved ones, just in time for Christmas. These gift sets include: 

-Lusid Smoothing Serum 

-Lusid Leave-In Conditioner (limited edition) 100ml

These gift sets are perfect for ALL hairtypes - straight, wavy, or curly hair for that extra hydration boost, smoothness and shine. 

Click here to order yours now - get in quick!


Other ways to contribute to our crowdfunding campaign for the Lusid Rainbow

You can also support our campaign by purchase our Lusid Gift Cards. in denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100 and will be emailed out to you to save on paper (and our trees). You can purchase them here:

You can also add a voluntary donation to our crowdfunder at shop checkout to a value of your choice with your Lusid order.

We are so grateful for your help - thank you to all of you.