Thick Coily Hair: Nourish and Define Your Strands with Lusid Specialised Formula to hydrate coils

thick hair 


On our Lusid Rainbow Hair Spectrum, thick coily hair sits in the top of the Lusid Rainbow with warmer colours opposite to the cooler colours for the finer and straighter hair types on the Lusid Rainbow. Coily thick hair has an ultra-tight curl pattern which is prone to extreme dryness and shrinkage and can easily form knots. Heat-styling and chemical treatments needs to be avoided to prevent damage to this fragile hair type.
We have created a heavy weight formula for thick coily hair which caters to a coarser texture and tight corkscrew curls to tame frizz and to help curl ends from dryness.


Lusid products suitable for thick coily hair


Wash: We recommend washing with our Lusid Orange Shampoo Bar when required and co-washing frequently with our Lusid Red Conditioner Bar.


Style: Our Lusid Curl Creme Gel which will hydrate waves and cast without the crunch will keep the frizz at bay. Apply a 50-cent coin sized amount to wet hair and then add more product as required.


We recommend applying Lusid Smoothing Serum to damp or wet mid lengths or ends to help combat dryness where natural scalp oils struggle to travel down hair follicles to reach. For thick coils we recommend to moisturise generously with our Lusid Detangling Leave In Conditioner.


To refresh your curls, add a mixture pea sized amount of Curl Defining Crème Gel with and mix with a pea sized amount of Detangling Leave in conditioner and apply in sections to damp hair, and scrunch but add extra Curl defining cream where there is frizz.