Revolutionary Salon Range: Plastic-Free and Proudly Made in NZ - Discover the Secret Behind the Haircare Game Changer!

Revolutionary Salon Range: Plastic-Free and Proudly Made in NZ - Discover the Secret Behind the Haircare Game Changer!

Get ready to revolutionise your haircare experience with the ultimate must-have for sustainable salons. Say goodbye to traditional plastic bottles and embrace the future of eco-friendly haircare!

🌍🚿 Experience the Premium Difference: Lusid Hair presents an exclusive shampoo and conditioning cream range designed to elevate your salon experience to new heights. No more plastic waste or imported products containing unnecessary water. It's time to make a lasting impact while offering your clients a truly luxurious creamy hair washing experience.

🔄♻️ Embrace Infinite Recycling: Step into a greener future with our salon range packaged in sleek and infinitely recyclable aluminum tins. By choosing Lusid Hair, you're not only making a sustainable choice, but you will also have less product wastage as you no longer have to battle to get the last drop from a bottle.

🌸🌱 Nourish and Revitalise Hair Structures: Bid farewell to generic solutions for dry, normal, or oily hair. Our carefully crafted range consists of 8 products, including four shampoos and four conditioners. Each formulation is thoughtfully designed to nurture and enhance the unique structure of every individual's hair from coily, curly, wavy to straight.

🌿🐇 Organic and Vegan-Friendly: We believe in the power of nature. That's why our salon range is created using the finest organic ingredients, ensuring that your clients receive the utmost care and nourishment. Plus, all our products are proudly vegan-friendly, aligning with your salon's commitment to ethical choices.

Join the sustainability revolution and take your salon to the next level with Lusid Hair's plastic-free, locally made range. Elevate your clients' experience while making a positive impact on our planet. Don't miss out on the opportunity to lead the way!

The backstory

Behind the scenes of Lusid Hair's salon range lies a tale of perseverance, humor, and a sprinkle of hairdressing magic. Jen, the mastermind behind it all, has been on a wild ride to create a range that not only delivers stunning results but also aligns with her sustainability values.

Picture this: Lusid was already rocking the world with their amazing bar range. Customers loved that these bars delivered on results, and they were cost efficient as they last approximately 130 washes! But when it came to salon use, those bars just didn't make the cut. Bars are just not practical from a hygiene perspective. So, Jen rolled up her sleeves and dove headfirst into developing the liquid equivalent for this epic bar range that has been claimed the best bar range for curly hair from kiwi eco warriors.

Months of testing ensued, with salons across the country becoming the epicenter of hair product trials. Hairdressers, armed with their snipping shears and boundless enthusiasm, put these liquids to the ultimate test. And guess what? They were astounded with the results! 

Unsatisfied with aluminum bottles with reusable plastic pumps; Jen, felt like she was doing something against her own morals. Encouraging consumption of plastic —just felt plain wrong! She didn't want her small business to contribute to consumption of plastic. So, she embarked on a quest to find an alternative.

She tried thickening the product, thinking, "Hey, if we can make it pourable without a pump, we'll be golden!" But alas, the hair gods had other plans. The thickened concoction posed a new challenge—getting it out of the bottle in different temperatures became a tricky game of haircare Jenga. And let's not forget the last drops of product stuck in the bottle, like an elusive treasure just out of reach.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the Lusid Hair universe, the curl defining creme gel and leave-in conditioner were sashaying their way into bottles. But lo and behold, market research showed that customers preferred used another format, something else—tins! Yes, those shiny, metallic aluminum tins won hearts with their transparency, revealing exactly how much product was left. It was like a window into haircare paradise.

Undeterred by the twists and turns, Lusid Hair decided to take a leap of faith and test shampoo and conditioner creams in those oh-so-desirable tins. And boy, did the hairdressers go wild! They were indulging in a lavish, creamy experience... Who knew haircare could be this delicious?

Jen's commitment to sustainability, combined with her determination to create an exceptional salon range, led to the birth of these shampoo and conditioning creams in aluminum tins. It's like a haircare fairy tale with a twist—where sustainability meets glamour, and laughter accompanies every luscious lock.

So, as you embark on your Lusid Hair journey, know that behind every tin of goodness lies a story of triumph, laughter, and a pinch of hairdressing whimsy. You're about to experience a haircare revolution that not only makes you look fabulous but also makes Mother Earth do a little happy dance. Get ready to be enchanted!

Are you a forward-thinking salon owner in New Zealand?

Salon owner: Sharon Ryan states "I love the scent and the feel of it. The shampoo cream is super creamy but frothy. I used more than I needed because the feel was so nice!"

About the range and how to use it!

Our salon cream range is based on our Lusid bar range which follow the Lusid rainbow spectrum. Those with thick coily/curly hair will sit on the warmer side of the lusid range where those with fine straight hair would sit on the cooler side of the Lusid rainbow hair spectrum

Our cream range is quite concentrated, when compared to liquid equivalents which are 80-90% water content. For this reason, you only need to scoop out a pinky finger worth of product. For shampoo cream 2g x2 to double shampoo and for the conditioner cream approximately 4g of conditioner cream per use for the average shoulder length of hair.

The launch of the salon range

Lusid Hair are launching this new range of salon shampoo and conditioner creams at the NZ Hair & Beauty Expo. This trade show runs June 17th & 18th at the Viaduct Event Centre in Auckland. If you are interested in experiencing the range, come down and find us at the Lusid stand.

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