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Lusid Hair

Lusid Aluminum Storage Tin

Lusid Aluminum Storage Tin

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Aluminium Rounds Storage tins*

Aluminium round storage tins are perfect for storing your solid shampoo and conditioner bars. These tins provide a convenient and eco-friendly solution for keeping your bars safe and protected. By using these storage tins, you can prolong the life of your bars and easily take them with you while traveling. Keep your shampoo and conditioner bars secure and in great condition with these aluminium round storage tins.

These tins are an excellent choice for traveling with your Lusid shampoo and conditioner bars. Their compact and durable design ensures that your bars stay safe and intact during transit. The tins provide a secure and leak-proof container, preventing any mess or damage to your belongings. With their lightweight nature, these tins won't add unnecessary weight to your luggage. They are also easy to pack and fit conveniently into any travel bag or toiletry kit. Whether you're going on a weekend getaway or a long trip, these storage tins offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for keeping your shampoo and conditioner bars organised and protected on the go.

These tins are made from aluminium, a material that is infinitely recyclable. By choosing aluminium tins, you contribute to reducing waste and minimising your environmental impact. Aluminium recycling requires significantly less energy compared to producing new aluminium, making it an environmentally sustainable choice. Additionally, aluminium tins can be recycled repeatedly without any loss in quality, ensuring a closed-loop recycling system. By opting for aluminium storage tins, you're making a conscious choice to support sustainability and the circular economy.

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