Collection: Fine straight hair: for radiant sleek and shine

Unleash the Beauty with Lusid's Hair Care Products crafted to give for Volume, Shine, and Nourishment for Fine Straight Hair

On the cooler side of the captivating Lusid Rainbow Hair Spectrum, fine straight hair shines with its delicate elegance and understated charm. Defined by its fine texture and naturally straight strands, this hair type requires specialised care to enhance its volume, promote shine, and provide essential nourishment.

At Lusid, we have meticulously crafted formulas to address the unique needs of fine straight hair, allowing you to unlock its true potential. Our transformative products are designed to add volume, boost shine, and nourish your locks, ensuring that your hair always looks and feels its best.

Wash: Begin your hair care routine with our Lusid Violet Shampoo Bar or Lusid Volumising Shampoo Cream. This lightweight formula contains sea salt for natural volume.

Condition: Our Lusid Blue Conditioner Bar and our Nourishing Conditioner Cream contain sweet almond oil to nourish and strengthen fine hair, promoting healthy growth, enhancing shine, and reducing frizz.

Shine & Protect: For added shine and protection, our Lusid Smoothing Serum is the perfect finishing touch, giving your fine straight hair a glossy and polished look.

Damaged Hair: Excessive heat styling, over washing, harsh chemical treatments, rough towel drying, tight hairstyles, lack of protection from environmental factors, poor nutrition, rough handling and brushing, using harsh hair products, and ignoring regular trims can all contribute to damaging the hair. Try our Lusid Deep Conditioning Mask once a week to revive and repair your hair, restoring it to its full health and radiance.