Collection: Lusid Curly Hair

What is curly hair?

When hair is wet naturally, curly hair has strands that form defined ringlets without the use of any tools or hair product. When curly hair lacks moisture the outer layer of your hair would take the moisture from the air and cause your hair to frizz. To look after curly hair it is important to use products that add moisture to the hair without drying it out or weighing curls down.

Tips for looking after curly hair

1) Avoid parabens, silicones, and harsh sulfates

Parabens are easily absorbed through your skin to cause a number of problems for your hair including drying, irritating your scalp, fading your color, and even hair loss.

Silicones create build-up on your hair, resulting in dry, dull locks from dehydration. Nourishing ingredients and water are locked out from penetrating deep into the hair follicle. Watch out for silicones, particularly in hair serums.

Sulfates are common in shampoos as they create the lather to clean the scalp. It is advised to go sulfate-free if you have sensitive skin, eczema, or dermatitis. Most sulfates in shampoos are safe however there are a few that are not safe for use. Avoid harsh sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES) as they irritate eyes, skin, and lungs with detrimental long-term effects.

2) Clean your scalp and use the right shampoo for your curl structure

Not all curls are the same, so be sure to select the right product for your hair structure to get optimal results. A happy healthy scalp will pass benefits to your hair. We do not recommend using shampoo daily. Only use as frequently as required to remove dirt and build-up from the roots. If your scalp is feeling a bit itchy then it's time to wash. For some hair types shampoo once a week is fine, or even ten or fourteen days, but only you will know what works best for your hair so DO trial and error to create a routine that works for you and your hair. Always follow up with conditioning post shampoo to help lock in the moisture. 

For fine hair, we recommend Lusid Blue Shampoo which is packed with protein to support the structure of finer hair and contains sweet almond oil to help manage frizz.

Lusid Green Shampoo is specifically formulated for medium-weight curls. It contains aloe vera for hydration and frizz control, however, if you have plentiful thirsty curls you could benefit from the cocoa butter formula in our Lusid Orange Shampoo bar which contains extreme hydration for dry curls.

3) Wet your hair

Fed your hair water, it needs moisture. This doesn't mean you need to shampoo frequently it just doesn't deprive it of hydration. 

4) Use conditioner frequently

Co-wash your hair (wash with just conditioner) as frequently as desired. If your hair feels dry you can increase your co-wash frequency or do a weekly deep condition.

If your curls are fine our Lusid Green Conditioner Bar will hydrate them without weighing them down. For long hair, we recommend converting your bar to a liquid conditioner.

For medium hair, our Lusid Yellow Conditioner Bar has been formulated to combat frizz. It is rich with argan oil which also hydrates and softens hair; mixed with other essential oils for scalp support to help delicate curls thrive. If your hair is plentiful or long you may benefit from moving up the Lusid Rainbow Scale to use our heavier formula. The Lusid Red Conditioner Bar contains cacao butter for extreme hydration for thirsty curls. This can also be used to make a deep conditioning treatment too with a few drops of Lusid Smoothing Serum.

5) Detangle wet hair

Gently comb through hair ends when wet to prevent breakages. We recommend using our Lusid Leave-In conditioner to help detangle fragile coils.  Work your way from the bottom up combing gently in a downward direction only.

6) Curl Magic - ssh it's a secret!

If you are wanting killer curls to give everyone curl envy we recommend using our Lusid Curl Defining Creme Gel. Made from flaxseed to help give curl definition but also has aloe vera to hydrate and fights the frizz. A must-have for any curl friend. For those with lighter curls, you could alternatively try our Curl Defining Foaming Mousse which has a lightweight formula to not weigh your curls down and can also be used for curl refreshing.

7) Protect your hair

Style your hair in twists, braids, buns, or any way that will protect your coils as they dry.  Use a cotton t-shirt or a micro-fiber towel to soak up excess water from your curls. Air dry or diffuse to protect from heat damage. Avoid fabrics that will absorb nutrients and moisture from the hair. Sleep on a satin or silk pillow, bonnet, or scarf to keep hair from getting tangled. Add a drop of Lusid Smoothing Serum to your hair before you go to sleep. Although it won't help with hydration, it will help to lock in the moisture while you sleep so your curls can wake up happy.