Collection: Thick Wavy Hair: embrace your waves with confidence with Lusid

Enhance the natural beauty of thick wavy hair with lusid

Our Lusid Rainbow Hair Spectrum places wavy hair on the warmer end, showcasing its unique beauty. Thick wavy hair boasts clearly defined S-bends, providing a distinct texture without prominent kinks or ringlets. At Lusid, we understand the needs of this hair type and have developed a specialized heavy weight formula. Designed to cater to the coarser texture and deeper waves of thick wavy hair, our formula effectively tames frizz, allowing you to embrace your waves with confidence.

Thick wavy hair is characterised by its voluminous and textured nature. With thicker and coarser strands, it offers a natural fullness and body. The waves in this hair type can range from loose to more defined, creating a beautiful texture and movement. However, managing frizz can be a common concern for individuals with thick wavy hair. Proper moisture balance is important to maintain its health, as thick wavy hair retains moisture effectively. Additionally, regular detangling and gentle care are necessary to prevent tangling and maintain its manageability. Understanding these characteristics helps in selecting suitable hair care products and techniques to enhance the natural beauty of thick wavy hair.

Shampoo: For thick wavy hair, we recommend using our Lusid Orange Shampoo Bar or our Lusid Moisturising Shampoo Cream. These products have a heavier formula for moisture balance and frizz. Wash only as frequently as you need. 

Co-washing: For think wavy hair you may find that you need to increase your frequency of co-washing to hydrate thirsty waves. Try our Lusid Red Conditioner Bar or Lusid Hydrating Conditioner Cream for a more luxurious hair conditioning experience. Apply to wet hair and allow the cream to sit and absorb the nutrients before washing out.

Curl Definition & Frizz taming: When it comes to styling, our Lusid Curl Creme Gel is your go-to solution. It hydrates your waves and provides a cast without any unwanted crunch. Start by applying a 50-cent coin sized amount to wet hair and add more as required to frizz prone areas and scrunching hair upwards. Avoid disturbing your waves (don't touch your hair) when drying to avoid frizz.

Styling: To combat frizz and achieve smoothness and shine, we suggest applying our Lusid Smoothing Serum to damp or wet mid-lengths and ends of your hair. This will help to tame frizz and add a lustrous finish. For an extra boost of hydration, our Lusid Detangling Leave-in Conditioner is highly recommended to transform dry hair into a thing of the past.

Refresh: To refresh your curls throughout the day, mix a pea-sized amount of our Curl Defining Crème Gel with a pea-sized amount of Detangling Leave-in Conditioner. Apply this mixture section by section to damp hair, gently scrunching as needed. For areas with more frizz, feel free to add extra Curl Defining Cream. If you already have Curl Defining Cream Gel in your hair left from a previous application, you can try refreshing your hair with some a water bottle containing a few drops of smoothing serum.

Damaged Hair: For hair that is constantly battling the elements, bleach damaged or chlorine or sea water damaged; we recommend using our Lusid Deep Conditioining Mask once a week.