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Repair & Restore Conditioner Cream for Medium, Thick or Fine Textured Hair

Repair & Restore Conditioner Cream for Medium, Thick or Fine Textured Hair

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Lusid Creamy Lux Repair & Conditioner Cream

For medium/thick straight hair or fine textured hair    

Unveil the extraordinary benefits of the Restore and Repair Conditioner Cream by Lusid – the ultimate game-changer for your hair care routine. Crafted to perfection, this remarkable cream is designed to cater to fine textured hair or medium to thick straight hair.

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting blend of natural ingredients infused within this conditioner cream, specifically curated to combat dryness, frizz, and damage. Luxuriate in the nourishing and rejuvenating effects as the soothing aloe vera extract hydrates your hair and scalp, while the hydrolyzed oat and wheat proteins work their magic to strengthen and condition each and every strand.

But there's more! Our conditioner cream surpasses expectations with the inclusion of pro-vitamin B5, penetrating deep into the hair cortex to provide nourishment from within. The addition of soy lecithin ensures a flawless distribution of these extraordinary ingredients. The result? Prepare to flaunt locks that are irresistibly soft, brilliantly shiny, and radiantly healthy – a mane you'll truly adore!

As a delightful bonus, rest assured knowing that our Lusid Restore and Repair Conditioner Cream is palm-free, upholding our commitment to sustainable practices. Immerse yourself in the tantalizing symphony of essential oils including vanilla planifolia, pelargonium graveolens, boswellia carterii, and cananga odorata, transporting your senses to a realm of pure indulgence. Prepare to embark on a journey of refreshment and renewal with every application.

 For optimal results, pair the Lusid Repair & Conditioner Cream with the Lusid Nourishing Shampoo Cream for a double dose of cleansing and conditioning. Experience the power of these nourishing ingredients and give your hair the hydration and conditioning it deserves.

Directions for use:

Use after washing with shampoo or co-wash on own as frequently as required. Scoop a small amount out of the tin. Apply to wet hair and distribute throughout midlengths & hair ends. Repeat as required. Let the conditioner soak into the hair to enable the nutrients to do their work before rising out thoroughly.


cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium methosulfate, stearic acid (palm free), water, glycerine, hydrolysed oat protein, hydrolysed wheat, protein, pro-vitamin b5, aloe vera extract, soy lecithin, potassium, sorbate, vanilla planifolia, pelargonium graveolens, boswellia, carterii, cananga odarata

 *All palm derived ingredients used in this product are RSPO certified. Packaging is home compostable and printed with soy-based inks for sustainability and zero waste.

Lusid uses vegan and organic ingredients which are not harmful to you or the planet. All products are plastic and microplastic free for sustainability. Lusid products are made in New Zealand. Lusid suppliers are locally owned and operated to help support the New Zealand economy.

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