• Rosemary's last blog at Lusid Hair

    I have been Lusid’s Digital Communications Assistant since late February 2021, through a rather tumultuous time in the pandemic. I had graduated with a post-graduate certificate in Communications and heard that Lusid were hiring through a friend. I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but after stalking their website and socials, I decided that their ethos lined up with my own and this was somewhere I wanted to work. Luckily, for me, Tash and Jen took me on and became fantastic mentors for me.
  • Pride Month Marketing: "I don't feel supported, I feel used"

    Pride Month Every June, advertisements from the big corporates and franchises of the world start to get a lot more...colourful. The logos get swapped to rainbow versions overnight. Suddenly every big corporate is saying that they are an ally. But sure enough, by July 1st, much of that has disappe...