Collection: Creamy Lux shampoo and conditioner creams for a premium hair washing experience

Creamy Lux

Introducing Creamy Lux, the salon range by Lusid Hair that offers an exquisite hair washing experience. Created with a deep understanding of professional hair care, Creamy Lux products are designed to provide the same exceptional results as our Lusid bar range but is a luxuriously creamy format to delivering the ultimate pampering for your hair structure. Crafted to meet sustainable salon needs with the help of kiwi hairdressors to offer a next level hair washing experience.

The Creamy Lux shampoo cream range, is crafted to cleanse your hair gently yet effectively. This salon-grade shampoo cream thoroughly removes impurities and buildup while maintaining the hair's natural moisture balance. Its creamy texture creates a luxurious lather that envelops each strand, leaving your scalp feeling clean, refreshed - without a plastic bottle or a plastic pump!

To complete the indulgent experience, the Creamy Lux conditioner creams works its magic to nourish and replenish your hair to your hair structures needs. The salon-quality formulas are enriched with carefully selected vegan freindly, organic ingredients that hydrate and revitalise your locks without product wastage. You will love that you can scoop every last scrap from the tin to give yor hair a lush conditioning treat that your hair will love.

Experience the indulgence of Creamy Lux, the salon range by Lusid Hair, and treat yourself to a premium hair care experience that meets the exacting standards of salon professionals. Enjoy the exceptional quality, nourishment, and rejuvenation that this Creamy Lux range brings to your hair, leaving you with salon-worthy results every time you wash and condition your hair.

The creamy lux range is currently handmade in New Zealand, which means that kiwi salons will not need to wait weeks for overseas shipping to arrive into the country.