Collection: Fine Coily Hair: Hydrate fine coils without weighing coils down with Lusid

Celebrate the allure of fine coily hair with Lusid's specialized range. Embrace its delicate curls and intricate patterns. Enhance and nourish with our curated collection designed to not weigh down fine coils. Let your fine coily hair shine with confidence and natural splendor. Experience the transformative magic of Lusid.

Discover the cool allure of coily hair on the Lusid Rainbow Hair Spectrum. Type 4A coily hair showcases distinctive ringlet-shaped coils, which can pose challenges for natural scalp oils to reach the mid-lengths and ends. To maintain its health, avoid chemical treatments, heat damage from straighteners, and opt for gentle care as coily hair is prone to frizz and breakage.

At Lusid, we've developed specialised formulas for fine coily hair that work harmoniously with its natural shape. Our styling products are designed to enhance curls without weighing them down. Hydration is key to keeping this delicate hair type happy and healthy.

Lusid offers a selection of products suitable for fine coily hair: