Collection: Fine Wavy Hair: lightweight hydration to enhance natural waves

With our specially formulated products for fine wavy hair, you can embrace your unique waves.

On our Lusid Rainbow Hair Spectrum, fine wavy hair is situated towards the cooler side. Fine wavy hair has soft, subtle waves that add a touch of texture and movement to the hair.

To care for fine wavy hair, we have developed products that work in harmony with its delicate nature, providing lightweight hydration and enhancing its natural wave pattern.

Shampoo: When it comes to washing your scalp, our Lusid Blue Shampoo Bar or our Nourishing Shampoo Cream are lightweight formula crafted to nourish fine wavy hair with organic and vegan friendly goodness.

Co-wash or condition: As frequently as your hair needs it. Try our Lusid Green Conditioner Bar or our Lusid Repair & Restore Conditioner Cream if you want to indulge. These lightweight products are formulated to cleanse and condition fine hair without weighing it down, ensuring your waves remain defined and voluminous. If your fine wave is long and plentiful you can try to slide up the rainbow scale to the Lusid yellow conditioner bar or Lusid Smoothing Conditioner Cream for some extra hydration but if your hair is superfine the Lusid Green Conditioner Bar or Lusid Repair & Restore Conditioner Cream will be sufficed. 

Volume & Definition: For styling your fine wavy hair, our Lusid Curl Creme Gel is the ideal choice. It provides lightweight hydration and definition to your waves without leaving them crunchy or heavy. Apply a pea sized amount to wet hair, starting from the mid-lengths to the ends, and scrunch gently to enhance your natural wave pattern.

Frizz Control: To combat frizz and add a boost of smoothness and shine, we recommend applying our Lusid Smoothing Serum to damp or wet hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. This serum helps to tame frizz and adds a polished finish to your waves.

Nourishment: For added nourishment and manageability, our Lusid Detangling Leave-In Conditioner is a wonderful addition to your hair care routine. It helps to detangle and nourish your fine wavy hair, leaving it soft, silky, and easy to style.

Refresh: To refresh your waves between washes, mix a small amount of our Curl Defining Crème Gel with a pea-sized amount of Detangling Leave-In Conditioner. Apply this mixture to damp hair, scrunch gently, and allow your waves to air dry or use a diffuser for added volume and definition.

Air dry or use heat-free styling methods whenever possible to avoid hair breakage and loss of natural texture.