Collection: Lusid Straight Hair

What is straight hair?

Straight hair lies flat on the scalp. The hair's natural oils are able to travel from the scalp to the ends for natural smoothness and shine. Straight hair remains strong during brushing, braiding, or styling.

Tips for looking after straight hair

1) Brush your hair

Brushing your hair allows the natural oils to travel from the scalp down to give an effortless smoothness and shine without the need for a smoothing serum.

2) Shampoo your scalp

Double shampoo your hair to clean the scalp and then allow the nutrients to be absorbed, as a healthy scalp will enhance the health of your hair. Shampoo frequently if you sweat often to help remove oil build-up from the roots.

For fine straight hair, we recommend Lusid Violet Shampoo. It contains sea salt to add natural volume to flat hair and enhances easy removal of dandruff as well as absorbs excess oil, humidity, and moisture from the scalp.

For medium to thick straight hair, our Lusid Blue Shampoo has been formulated with protein to prevent hair breakages and contains sweet almond oil to treat a dry or flaky scalp, and add softness to the hair strands.

3) Condition your hair

Always condition your hair after shampooing to lock in the moisture. For longer hair, we recommend converting your bar to a liquid conditioner.

Use Lusid Blue Conditioner Bar for fine straight hair. It's packed with pro-vitamin B5 to retain moisture and prevent water loss in the scalp and hair to make strands soft, smooth, and more manageable. This bar also contains sweet almond oil to treat a dry or flaky scalp, add softness to the hair strand as well as strengthen thin, brittle hair, and repair damaged follicles.

For medium to thick straight hair, our Lusid Green Conditioner Bar is perfect. It's also packed with pro-vitamin B5, but also contains aloe vera to help eliminate dryness and frizz.

4) Detangle wet hair

Gently comb through hair ends when wet to prevent breakages. We recommend using our Lusid Leave-In conditioner to help detangle.  Work your way from the bottom up combing gently in a downward direction only.

5) Style for confidence

Add volume to fine straight hair with our Lusid Volumising Foaming Mousse. Leave hair feeling light and fresh to enable you to win your day. 

For those with thicker straight hair, you can use Lusid Smoothing Serum to calm frizz, strengthen hair, and repair damaged follicles.