• Embracing Your Natural Hair - by Juliet Dale

    Juliet Dale, Founder of The Great Eco Journey shares her revelation of embracing her natural hair type. From wanting a hair type she didn't naturally possess and spending time and money to fight againt its natural state to embracing and celebrating what makes her unique.
  • How to Turn Solid Haircare into Liquid at Home

    In this post, we teach you how to turn a solid conditioner bar or shampoo bar into a liquid. 

    For those solid hair care users who miss liquids but hate plastics- This one is for you. 

    For those liquid users who want to ditch plastic but still arent sold on bars- This one is for you. :) 

  • Greener Beauty Podcast

    Listen to Tash talk about sustainability and beauty on The Greener Beauty Podcast. Available on all major podcast players.  Click Here